Best Zimpler Online Casinos 2024

The most crucial step towards success in online casino gaming is bankroll management, which sets apart the most successful players—a life lesson they learned early. Managing your bankroll could be challenging due to the fast pace of online gambling, where the advent of several payment platforms can aid the depletion of your bankroll in less time. However, an innovative solution, Zimpler, has emerged in the form of a mobile payment service that tracks spending, helps you create a budget for your gaming escapades, and aids you in making informed decisions for effective bankroll management. Zimpler casinos offer all these benefits in addition to their lightning-speed transaction process and unmatched security protocols.

Best Zimpler online casinos

Zimpler facts

✅ Name Zimpler
📊 Category Digital Wallets, Mobile
🌍 Geo Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Sweden
💱Currency BRL, DKK, EUR, PEN, SEK, USD
📅 Established 2012
👨‍💻 Support [email protected]
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal Instant

General Information About Zimpler

Founded in Sweden by Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair in 2012, Zimpler is a leading mobile payment wallet that has become the usual transaction gateway for some online gamblers. With head offices in Sweden, Malta, and Brazil, the platform operates under the licence and regulation of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) in Stockholm, making it a safe payment option for gambling enthusiasts. 

Zimpler online casinos allow direct transactions with banks or through other intermediary processors like debit and credit cards. Online casinos with Zimpler adopt a straightforward transaction process that makes navigating easy for users. Besides cost-effectiveness, the mobile wallet processes deposits at rocket speed, enabling quick access to your best casino games.

Online casinos that accept Zimpler make it easy for players to have well-documented transactions for bankroll management and responsible gaming. This is possible because casinos with Zimpler deposits allow you to plan and make periodic budgets for gambling. The platform’s team will alert you to any deviations in your plan.

Zimpler market coverage

Zimpler Casinos Online offers full coverage, including deposits, payouts, and KYC, to five countries:

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Brazil 

It allows only payouts to 19 other European countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Slovenia, and Spain. Zimpler offers payment in each country’s respective currency, such as EUR, SEK, USD, NOK, and so on.

How to deposit to online casinos with Zimpler

As earlier revealed, depositing funds to online casinos accepting Zimpler is a breeze because of its navigation-friendly interface and simple process. First, you need to have been registered on Zimpler. If not, go to to do that.

Sign up and input your mobile phone number. Verify yourself with the 4-digit code that’ll be sent to you. Confirm your account and verify it using your bank ID. Once you are registered, follow the 4-step process below to get started on your best Zimpler casinos:

  1. Select Zimpler as your preferred payment method in the casino’s cashier or deposit.
  2. Indicate deposit amount: Enter your Zimpler credentials and the amount you want to deposit. If you already have a budget set up on Zimpler, you won’t be able to go beyond your deposit limit.
  3. Enter the 4-digit security code that will be sent to your number.
  4. You’ll be directed to select a payment option—bank, card, or bill. After selecting your preferred choice, confirm your transaction.

Now, check your account for your balance, which appears almost instantly.

How to withdraw from online casinos with Zimpler

Just as you can deposit with Zimpler, fund withdrawal also takes an equally straightforward process as follows:

  1. Select Zimpler as your preferred withdrawal option in the casino’s cashier.
  2. Enter your Zimpler credentials and the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. Enter the 4-digit security code that will be sent to your number.
  4. You’ll be directed to select a withdrawal bank account. After selecting your preferred option, confirm your transaction.

Depending on your chosen bank and the online casino’s processing time, the money should reach your account in 2-5 minutes.

Transaction times and fees

Zimpler stands out with its lightning-fast transaction speeds and reasonable fees, ensuring you get the most out of your online gambling experience. Casinos with Zimpler deposits usually process rapidly, with users’ funds instantly appearing in their accounts.

The withdrawal process, however, may take minutes to 5 business days to appear in your account. 

Zimpler also offers an instant payment option in which funds are processed and settled in the intended account immediately. This is different from the default standard payment option. As regards fees, deposits are typically free of charge. Withdrawals may incur a fee, usually around 1% of the transaction amount.

Zimpler casinos pros and cons


  • Top-notch security: To complete your deposit or withdrawal, you must pass identity (KYC) checks and a 2-factor authentication process. This ensures your account is not manipulated in any way.
  • Reliability: With Zimpler, you can be assured of full functionality 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. No interruption of services due to manual errors or cut-off hours.
  • Customer support: The payment company offers reliable customer support available throughout weekdays. The support team can also be reached via chat or email.
  • Payment method flexibility: Zimpler allows users to link various payment sources, such as credit/debit cards or e-wallets, providing flexibility in funding their casino accounts.
  • Instant payment: Zimpler instantly processes transactions on its platform and even supports refunds through API integration.


  • Not available everywhere: Zimpler online casinos are not available in every country and do not support every currency. Even though the payment option is quite popular in Europe, it may be difficult to find in other regions.
  • No dedicated mobile app: If this is your preferred payment option, you’ll have to settle for using the casino’s website for playing your favourite games.
  • Transaction fees: Zimpler is a free payment solution on its own; however, many Zimpler casinos still charge processing fees on deposits and withdrawals.

Convenience and safety of Zimpler casinos

Zimpler’s mobile design ensures a user-friendly and intuitive experience, allowing you to manage your funds from your smartphone or tablet.

The platform’s integration with your phone number provides added convenience, as you won’t need to remember complex passwords or security codes. The mobile wallet uses a Two-Way Authentication Factor that protects your account from being accessed by a second party.

The SFSA also regulates and licences it, which keeps the platform in check and protects enduring users.


Zimpler is a transformative and user-centric payment method that provides a convenient experience for online gamblers. With fast transactions, reinforced security, and bonus features, Zimpler Casinos offers a safe and compliant environment committed to your satisfaction. The payment option is currently available in Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania and many other European countries. It offers an easy and secure experience while allowing users to complete transactions on the go. However, the fact that online casinos accepting Zimpler are mostly Europe-based is a disadvantage for global players.

Zimpler casinos FAQ

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a leading mobile payment wallet that has become the usual transaction gateway for online gamblers.

Do online casinos take Zimpler?

Real-money Zimpler casinos are quite numerous. However, there are also other casinos that do not accept Zimpler.

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