Best WebPay Online Casinos 2024

BPay is an Australian online banking system that allows users to make bill payments easily and perform other transactions, e.g., to and from online casinos. BPay is owned and operated by an Australian legal entity and is one of the most widespread banking options in that country. An Aussie should just look at the BPay logo in the preferred online casino and then pay by phone or online banking. The payment provider has led the way in online payments for 25+ years, meaning you can feel confident all transactions are protected. 

Best WebPay online casinos

WebPay facts

✅ Name WebPay
📊 Category Online banking
🌍 Geo Chile
💱Currency CLP, USD
📅 Established 1989
👨‍💻 Support Tel. (+56 2) 2 984 16 49, Live chat, Contact form
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal no

General information about BPay

BPAY Pty Ltd provides payment processing services, which operate under the umbrella of Australian Payments Plus Limited. BPay, which appeared in 1997, was the world’s first phone bill payment service. 

Today, this financial service is widely used in the gambling niche. But back in the 2000s, it was an ideal option for bill payments thanks to the helpful BPAY View feature that delivered bills electronically to AU banks. They would then send an SMS to the person who had to authorise payment on the bank’s site. In fact, modern casino players must follow almost the same procedure when depositing to online casinos that accept BPay.

According to open stats of 2022, this financial service was offered in more than 60 thousand businesses in Australia, including online casinos. Aussies like this channel since it works similarly to global debit/credit cards (MC, Visa, etc.), by connecting the parties (the bank and merchant).

BPay transaction fees

Each real-money BPay casino decides how to cover its business expenses, including the cost of processing payments. By default, a BPay transaction costs nothing for you. However, your online casino and your bank can charge you certain fees, whether flat or percentage-based. Experience indicates that a player can bear a 1% fee when withdrawing money from an online casino with BPay.

BPay transaction limits

Billers (BPay online casinos) usually set maximum and minimum limits that they can take for BPay transactions. They can also limit the value of transactions they accept from specific sources, e.g. debit card accounts. Moreover, your banks can also impose limits on the amount you are entitled to pay on a single day. So, you must contact your bank or the BPay casino to find out more.

BPay market coverage

This is an Australian payment service provider. It is not found in any other locations except for Australia. Today, BPay is present in 150+ banking facilities, building societies, and credit unions. It is also available in dozens of offshore online casinos that are friendly to Aussies. 

To be able to use this payment option in gambling, two prerequisites must be met: 1) your bank must be linked to BPay, and 2) your selected online casino must accept BPay payments. Experience shows that many AU-focused online casinos have this option in store because Australia has tight gambling regulations, making many global payment providers leave the local gambling market. 

Needless to say, the only currency processed by BPay is the Australian dollar. If you have a bank account in any foreign currency (USD, EUR), the money will be converted to AUD during the transaction to your online casino.

How to deposit to online casinos with BPay

Before making any moves, double-check that the bank where you have an account is connected to the BPay platform. Even if your favourite online casino accepts BPay but your bank does not, your deposit will fail. So, the procedures for topping up your casino account via BPay look like this:

  1. Sign up and log into the online casino and enter your account (the deposit page).
  2. Find the BPay logo on that page. Every payment option, including BPay, has its own minimum limit established by the casino. Make sure the amount you are going to transfer is in line with this limit. Normally, this is about AU$10 or a bit higher.
  3. The BPay online casino will ask you to specify and confirm the deposit amount. After that, you will be redirected to your bank’s internet banking page.
  4. You must complete authorisation and confirm the transaction of the desired amount to the online casino. If you set a two-factor verification for your payments, the bank will send you a text message to confirm the payment.  

How to withdraw from online casinos with BPay

Due to the nature of the payment option, a player (an individual) cannot receive payments made with BPay. The point is that the payee must be a business or organisation with a valid ACN or ABN (business numbers in Australia) – the thing that individuals cannot have intrinsically. Therefore, you must use another payment gateway to get your winnings from a gambling site. Top BPay casinos typically offer many options to pick from, so you will be fine in this respect. 

BPay casinos pros and cons


  • AU online casinos offer this payment option frequently.
  • Fees are built up by the user’s financial institution, not BPay itself. If the bank has low fees, your transactions will also have low accompanying fees.
  • BPay deposits qualify for all bonuses and loyalty programs.


  • You will have to find an alternative way of cashing out from your BPay online casino.
  • The integrity of BPay transactions depends on banks. If your bank’s security is compromised, your transaction or personal details can be at risk. 


BPay is a widespread electronic funds transfer option in Australia. Using BPay, players can deposit money to online casinos with low or no fees. There are no specific limits applicable to BPay – all minimum and upper limits for transaction amounts depend solely on online casinos and banking institutions. Being a one-way payment option is one of the very few downsides; however, AU casinos offer many withdrawal options, so this is not a problem for BPay users. 

BPay casinos FAQ

What is BPay?

BPay is an Australian bill payment company that facilitates payments from the user’s bank account to online casinos or other merchants.

Do online casinos take BPay?

Yes, most gambling sites (online casinos and sportsbooks) in Australia take BPay.

How fast are BPay transactions?

The speed of BPay transactions can be compared to global debit/credit cards. The money is cleared within mere seconds.

Can I claim bonuses in BPay casinos?

Yes. If an online casino has a bonus program, it spreads to BPay deposits, too. No limitations in this regard.

Is it a safe payment option?

All BPay payments are carried out within the secure environment of your online banking. BPay itself does not retrieve any personal account details when performing your transaction.

Are there BPay casino transaction limits?

All online casinos accepting BPay establish certain limits that usually range between $10 and $5000 per transaction.

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