Best BACS Direct Debit Online Casinos 2024

Selecting a proper payment method when playing online casino games for real money will make a massive difference to your gambling experience. One such payment method is BACS Direct Debit. BACS is a popular payment service in the UK used for bank-to-bank transfers. Mostly, users use BACS to receive their wages, pay bills, buy services and goods, and more, including online gambling. Therefore, on this page, you'll find the best BACS Direct Debit casinos and a comprehensive review of BACS and how it works.

In addition, we'll explain how you can deposit and request withdrawals via this popular payment method in the UK. Moreover, reviewing its transaction times and fees and its pros and cons will help you decide if it's a suitable payment option when gambling online. Overall, BACS Direct Debit is a safe and convenient payment system for British gamblers, and this review will highlight all the nitty gritty. Read on.

Best BACS Direct Debit online casinos

BACS Direct Debit facts

✅ Name BACS Direct Debit
📊 Category Real-time payments
🌍 Geo United Kingdom
💱Currency GBP
📅 Established 1968
👨‍💻 Support Tel. 0370 165 0018, Contact form
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit 1-3 days
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal 1-3 days

General information about BACS Direct Debit

The BACS payment system is primarily used to transfer money directly between two UK banks, especially for repeat customers and recurring payments like utility bills, employee benefits, payroll, etc. It can also be used for one-time transactions to/from online casinos. But what does BACS stand for? Bankers’ Automated Clearing System (BACS). Before that, this payment system, established by Dennis Gladwell in 1968, was known as the Inter-Bank Computer Bureau. It was founded to modernise payment transactions without using physical documents, which previously were error-filled and had long processing times.

It was in 1971 that the Inter-Bank Computer Bureau was renamed Bankers’ Automated Clearing System (BACS) to showcase these advancements. Currently, it’s known as BACS Payment Schemes Limited and is owned and operated by Pay.UK: A major payment systems operator in the UK and the proprietary of Faster Payments. Pay.UK absorbed BACS in 2018. Since then, BACS has been responsible for billions of transactions in the UK. With that in mind, there are two main types of BACS transactions:

BACS Direct Credit 

A Direct Credit is also known as a “Bank Transfer.” The BACS Direct Credit is a secure payment system that allows an outside party to deposit funds directly to an individual’s or organisation’s bank account. This payment system is mainly used by organisations to make regular payments like tax credits, salaries, state benefits, etc. According to statistics in the UK, BACS Direct Credit is used by about 80% of the workforce.

To large companies dealing with a lot of transactions, this is a much more manageable payment method due to the automated process of reconciling and remitting payments. Besides that, BACS Direct Credit is a cost-effective method available to all business organisations with a UK bank. Moreover, BACS Direct Credit payments have a guarantee of receipt since they cannot be lost or stolen. Unfortunately, transactions via BACS Direct Credit don’t offer same-day processing times.

BACS Direct Debit for online casino players

A Direct Debit is a payment collected from a customer’s bank account in accordance with their instructions by a third party or an organisation, provided the customer is given advance notice of the transaction details: Dates and payment amount. The BACS Direct Debit is particularly helpful to users to make regular payments such as a magazine subscription, telephone bill, Netflix subscription, etc. That way, the funds will be deducted automatically from your bank account without necessitating filling in the payment details afresh each time. However, it can still be used for one-time transactions like depositing funds to online casinos with BACS Direct Debit.

A user can authorise this deduction from their bank account by filling out a Direct Debit Mandate form accessible physically from their bank branch or a web page that is filled online. Once a customer has authorised the service, the organisation will take payments automatically. BACS Direct Debit is a prevalent payment method in the UK due to its ease of use and safety promoted by the Direct Debit Guarantee, ensuring customers are shielded from fraudulent payments.

Although the BACS Direct Debit payment system was traditionally offered by large businesses, the technological advancements in the banking system have resulted in third-party payment providers like GoCardless that have made this Direct Debit payment method more accessible. Generally, BACS Direct Debit supports huge transactions, making it a suitable payment method for high rollers within the UK gambling community. Besides that, this payment method is safe and cost-effective compared to some other payment systems.

How BACS Direct Debit works

As mentioned, with BACS Direct Debit, customers must approve a third-party company to take payments from their bank account. To do that, you must provide the required information when filling out the Direct Debit Mandate form. The required data includes your name, physical address, account number, and sort code. A sort code is a unique 6-digit number that distinguishes a particular bank and branch within Ireland and the UK’s banking and payment system. It helps in routing money transfers between banks via their corresponding clearing organisations. In addition to this information, you’ll need your bank’s name and address.

About 16 banks in the UK use the BACS Direct Debit payment system, including top names like Bank of England, Barclays Bank PLC, HSBC Bank PLC, Citibank NA, The Co-operative Bank, Starling Bank, Santander, etc. As such, you can easily bank with any of these institutions to enjoy the BACS Direct Debit services. The complete list of banks in the system is available on the BACS website.

Therefore, after filling out the Direct Debit Mandate form online, physically, or over the phone, you can finalise the process by setting up the dates when the payments will be debited from your account, usually monthly. Still, you can cancel or amend the Direct Debit transaction. Just ensure you’ve cancelled your transaction at least two days before the next payment. Failure to do that means the payment will be deducted from your account as usual. Depending on an establishment’s preferences, one can collect Direct Debit payments through

  • Third-party payment providers like GoCardless
  • A BACS-approved bureau
  • Bacstel-IP software that offers direct access through a bank

BACS Direct Debit and online gambling

This payment method can also be used for online gambling, and it’s not a surprise to find new BACS Direct Debit casinos in the UK, despite what it’s famous for: Regular payments. In that regard, it’s hard to predetermine your gambling schedule so that an appropriate monthly amount can be deducted from your bank to your online casino account for gambling. 

Although this might be an excellent way to manage your gambling budget, it might not work for some players since it means playing at the same BACS Direct Debit casino due to the recurring deposits. Still, this payment system allows one-off payments, which makes it an ideal deposit and withdrawal method in online casinos that take BACS Direct Debit.

On top of that, BACS is a safe and secure payment method, supports huge transaction limits, and is cost-effective. And since it partners with major banking institutions in the UK, it’s easily accessible to casino players. The payment method features a pretty straightforward depositing and payout procedure, with the added advantage of convenience and flexibility it offers British gamblers.

BACS Direct Debit market coverage

The BACS Direct Debit payment system is exclusive to the United Kingdom. As such, it’s unavailable in other countries in Europe or other continents. This explains its success rate in the UK, with the 2022 BACS processing statistics indicating it had over 4.7 billion transactions in utility/house bills, other payments, and insurance premiums. Since it’s a UK-based payment method, transactions are processed in GBP.

How to pick the best BACS Direct Debit casino

BACS is a popular payment method in the UK, and as expected, many online casinos in the UK support it. However, for this reason, it can be quite challenging to find online casinos accepting BACS Direct Debit. Still, below, you’ll find some of the factors you should consider when selecting the best BACS Direct Debit casinos for a memorable online gambling experience.

Online casino licence and security

The top BACS Direct Debit casinos in the UK usually have a valid licence, indicating they operate by specific regulatory standards. Due to the stringent gambling laws in the UK, you should check that your selected BACS Direct Debit casino online has a licence from the British Gambling Commission (UKGC). You’ll find the licence information at the base of the casino’s homepage alongside its owner. A valid licence ensures players ensure fair games, timely payouts, and more. Besides the licence, ensure the BACS Direct Debit online casino has an SSL certificate, ascertaining it takes measures to protect players’ data.

Online casino bonuses and promotions

The best BACS Direct Debit casinos online usually provide a welcome bonus offer alongside other daily or weekly promotions. So, when picking a suitable online casino, ensure it offers some type of bonus for deposit via BACS Direct Debit. Also, read the online casino’s bonus terms and conditions to ensure the conditions of wagering, maximum payouts, validity, etc., are favourable.

Range of casino games and providers

The main idea of gambling is to play your favourite online casino games. As such, ensure your BACS Direct Debit online casino of choice has a massive game catalogue supplied by many software providers. That way, you can enjoy a buffet of games, including online video slots, table games, jackpots, bingo, and live casino games.

Excellent mobile compatibility

Also, you should choose a BACS Direct Debit casino that offers a mobile casino compatible with your iOS or Android mobile devices. This means you can play your ideal online casino games from anywhere on the go. Some casino operators may also offer dedicated mobile apps or PWAs that can help streamline your mobile gambling experience.

How to deposit to online casinos with BACS Direct Debit

You only need a bank account supporting this system to use the BACS payment method. That means there are no tedious registration procedures involved. As mentioned, about sixteen top banking institutions in the UK support the BACS Direct Debit payment method. So, it wouldn’t be a problem to access BACS services. The best part is that the payment method is straightforward and offers the convenience and flexibility of choosing your ideal depositing frequency: One-time or recurring payments. That said, here’s a bit-by-bit process of depositing funds to your new BACS Direct Debit casino account:

Register with a top BACS Direct Debit casino

After picking your ideal BACS Direct Debit online casino, visit its main page and click the “Register,” “Join,” or “Sign Up” button. Afterwards, fill out the casino registration form, providing your details: Name, email address, DOB, address, password, username, mobile number, and more. Depending on the BACS Direct Debit casino, you might need to verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your email by the respective gambling platform.

Select BACS Direct Debit

Next, go to the cashier/banking section and click “Deposit.” You’ll view a list of various payment options. Choose a BACS Direct Debit payment method. However, you’ll not find a payment option named BACS. Instead, you’ll use third-party payment providers like FastPay, GoCardless, etc., that are more likely to process online casino transactions. Therefore, pick an appropriate option.

Initiate a BACS Direct Debit transfer 

After selecting your desired payment option, you must complete the online Direct Debit Mandate form before authorising any transactions. As such, you’ll need to gather the operator’s details: bank account name (most likely the casino’s name), account number, and sort code. This information will be provided by the online casino that accepts BACS Direct Debit.

You’ll then log in to your online bank account via desktop or mobile or alternatively visit your bank branch physically with the casino’s details to finalise the process. The former is much more convenient and faster. Once a Direct Debit instruction has been activated, the online casino can automatically deduct funds from your bank to your online casino account.

Choose a deposit amount

The frequency with which the funds will be debited from your account will depend on your instruction preference: recurring or one-time deposits. The minimum deposit at an online casino that takes BACS Direct Debit can range between £10 and £50. On the other hand, the maximum deposit could be over £5000. Please note that these minimum and maximum limits vary greatly from one BACS Direct Debit casino to another.

BACS Direct Debit online casino deposits usually take some time before they can be reflected in your casino account. So, it’ll take some time before you can start playing your desired casino games online for real money.

How to withdraw from online casinos with BACS Direct Debit

The next step after beating the dealer or coming out on top after spinning the online slot reels is withdrawing your winnings. Fortunately, the BACS Direct Debit payment system supports payouts from online casinos. Like the deposit procedure, the process of requesting withdrawal of your winnings is straightforward. Here’s a typical cashout procedure from an online casino with BACS Direct Debit:

  1. Sign in to your casino account with your email/username and password, and head over to the cashier’s section. Click “Withdraw” and select an appropriate BACS Direct Debit payout option from the ones provided.
  2. Next, you’ll need to log in to your online bank account and provide details of your bank account where the winnings will be sent. These details include your account name, sort code, and account number.
  3. Enter how much you wish to withdraw, considering the online casino’s withdrawal terms like minimum and maximum cashout limits. Generally, the best BACS Direct Debit casinos online should allow a minimum withdrawal of £10 or £20, while the maximum threshold should be £5000 or more per transaction.
  4. Afterwards, ensure all the withdrawal details are accurate and submit the withdrawal request. Now, you only need to wait for the transaction to be processed. How fast you receive your winnings will depend on your BACS Direct Debit online casino and bank.

Processing times in BACS Direct Debit casinos

Withdrawal processing times will considerably vary across BACS Direct Debit casinos online. However, BACS Direct Debit fast withdrawal casino sites should process your withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Still, these withdrawal processing times may be heightened by the KYC verification procedures, especially since the UKGC is unforgiving about Anti-money laundering (AML).

Due to the KYC and AML policies, players are usually required to verify their identities by submitting documents like a utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.) as proof of address and any proof of identity (passport, driving licence, etc.) before their payouts can be processed. This procedure usually takes about three days, but you can avoid KYC delays on your cashouts by completing this verification earlier.

BACS Direct Debit transaction timeframes 

After a BACS Direct Debit fast withdrawal casino has processed your payout request, the withdrawal times will heavily depend on your bank. However, naturally, BACS payments usually go through three processing steps, each taking one day:

  • Submission of payment to the BACS system
  • Payment processing by the respective bank
  • Transfer and settlement of payments via Direct Debit

That means the least number of days it can take for a player to receive their withdrawal in their bank account or deposit in their casino account is three business days. As with all banks, transactions are carried out on weekdays, and if your transaction (deposit or cash out) falls on the weekend, you must wait till Monday. 

The BACS Direct Debit three-day transaction times are lengthy, especially when depositing, since you must wait a few days to enjoy your favourite casino games. Of course, it’s not all moonlight and roses in the payout department, but players might be used to waiting several days to enjoy their winnings.

Transaction fees in BACS Direct Debit casinos 

The workaround might be using BACS payment systems incorporating the Faster Payments service. This system completes transactions quickly, ideally within two hours. That means you can enjoy almost instantaneous deposit and withdrawal times. Regarding fees, this will mostly depend on your payment provider and bank. However, the best BACS Direct Debit casinos online shouldn’t charge you any transaction fees.

In case of transaction charges, they’ll be indicated on the BACS Direct Debit payment method when depositing or withdrawing. Generally, you should expect to pay a few pennies or pounds as transaction costs. For example, HSBC Bank UK doesn’t charge any fees for Direct Debit transactions within the UK. 

Nevertheless, if you surpass the £25,000 daily transaction limit, you’ll be charged £17. In truth, this is a high limit, and it’s hard for a player to surpass it. So, it’s safe to conclude that, in most cases, players will experience minimal or no deposit or withdrawal fees. Still, we recommend checking this with your bank or third-party payment provider.

BACS Direct Deposit casinos pros and cons


BACS Direct Debit is a popular payment system in the UK, making it easily accessible to gamblers. Also, the popularity means players are familiar with the payment method
It’s a cost-effective payment method since mostly you’ll not be charged for Direct Debit transactions
On top of the MI6-level security measures implemented to protect players, the Direct Debit Guarantee cushions players against fraudulent transactions
The ability of BACS Direct Debit systems to support large transactions makes them an ideal payment method for high rollers
It’s an excellent payment method for scheduled recurring deposits since you can set the amount, and it will automatically be debited from your bank account to the casino


The primary drawback is the lengthy transaction processing times. It takes about three days for deposits or withdrawals to be processed
With the BACS payment system, transactions aren’t processed over the weekend when players are most active

Convenience and safety of BACS Direct Debit Casinos

Undoubtedly, BACS Direct Debit is a prevalent payment method in the UK. This is because the payment method has been operating for over 50 years and, within that time, proved to be a reliable and secure option for not only paying bills but also depositing and cashing out from online casinos that take BACS Direct Debit. It’s widely accepted in the UK, with about 16 major banks supporting the payment system. As such, it’s an easily accessible option for British gamblers.

Nevertheless, as a deposit option, it might be the best since players want to deposit and play immediately, not wait three days for a deposit transaction to be processed. Also, the recurring debit payment option is not ideal for most players, but the one-off payment service should fix that. Regarding other aspects like transaction fees and security, BACS Direct Debit rivals other payment methods in the iGaming industry. Moreover, the payment method accepts large transactions. This is something that high rollers in the UK should strongly consider.

Concerning safety, BACS Direct Debit is second to none. For starters, the payment system is governed by strict regulations under the Direct Debit Scheme that ensure transactions are securely processed. Also, BACS uses the Bacstel-IP software, a system heavily protected by SSL (secure socket layer) encryption protocols, to ensure customers’ details are handled with the utmost confidentiality and safeguarded from unauthorised access. Moreover, the Direct Debit Guarantee offers an extra layer of customer protection by shielding users against errors and fraudulent transactions. That means that players can request a refund in case of any issues with the payment.

BACS Direct Debit casino bonuses

The best part about using BACS Direct Debit for gambling is that you’ll be eligible for various bonus programs offered by your chosen online casino. You’ll find diverse bonuses at online casinos, each offering unique conditions you must meet before withdrawing the related winnings. These are some examples of bonuses in top BACS Direct Debit casinos:

  • Welcome bonuses: Also known as signup bonuses, these are the most famous types of rewards you can expect. They’re only awarded to new players and usually involve a match percentage (usually 100%) up to a certain maximum. The welcome bonus can also include a set of free spins or a match percentage and some free spins. Notably, it can be a tiered or one-time offer.
  • Free spins: if you’re an online slot fanatic, you need no introduction to free spins. These rewards can be awarded as a signup bonus, reload reward, or as part of a promotion (tournament reward or new game launch). Usually, you’ll be awarded some spins to be used on specific online video slot games.
  • Reload bonuses: If you’d fancy more regular rewards, reload bonuses are right up your alley. Reload promotions usually occur daily or weekly, offering a match percentage (generally a lesser percentage than the welcome bonus) alongside free spins rewards. You can claim reload bonuses each day or week as per the casino’s terms.

Other bonuses you might find in online casinos that accept BACS Direct Debit include cashback and VIP rewards.

BACS Direct Debit casino games

The best BACS Direct Debit casinos in the UK usually offer punters an impressive catalogue of online casino games from many software vendors. These games range from live casino releases, bingo, scratch games, and table titles to online video slots and progressive jackpots. Besides a massive library of games, top online casinos with BACS Direct Debit naturally package these titles in an easy-to-manoeuvre lobby with various filter options to help players quickly find their favourite casino games. That said, here’s a brief review of the best casino games you’ll find in reputable BACS Direct Debit casinos online:

Online slots in BACS Direct Debit casinos

This is the most prevalent category of casino games you’ll find in all BACS Direct Debit casinos. That’s because they feature elementary rules, are simple to play, and you can spin the reels with a few pennies. With that in mind, you’ll always find numerous online slots compared to other games to cater to the vast market slots have attracted. Online slots come in various types, from three-reel titles to video slots with five reels and titles with unusual layouts. Also, these video slots feature every kind of theme imaginable, with standout mechanics like Megaways and superb graphics and ambient soundtracks to offer players a memorable gambling experience.

Online blackjack in BACS Direct Debit casinos

If you’d fancy a more skill-based title, online blackjack is the one to beat in BACS Direct Debit online casinos. Online blackjack features a tad complicated rules, but once you’ve learnt gameplay and other aspects, it’s a pretty easy game. Of course, it’s a casino card game where players are dealt two hands initially. The idea is to defeat the virtual dealer by getting a hand with a higher value than the dealer. However, your hand shouldn’t exceed 21 points, as that would mean you’ve busted and lost the round. Online blackjack is popular due to the engaging aspect where players must make decisions whether to stand, double down, hit, or split depending on their hand. A blackjack hand pays 3:2, but you can enjoy higher payouts if you find BJ versions with side bets.

Online roulette in BACS Direct Debit casinos

Like blackjack, online roulette is a strategy-based title where you can employ multiple betting systems, like Martingale, Labouchère, Fibonacci, etc., to try and boost your winning chances and payouts. Online roulette is a table game played using a roulette wheel with 37 (European) or 38 (American) pockets. Whichever version you play, the rules and gameplay are the same: Choose a bet amount, select your bet options (straight up, red/black, corner, line, column, high/low, etc.), and click the Spin button. Whichever pocket the ball settles on the rotating wheel is the winning number, colour, etc. Payouts are then made according to the paytable, with the straight-up bet paying the highest at 35:1.

Online baccarat in BACS Direct Debit casinos

Baccarat is undoubtedly a popular casino game in the UK due to the James Bond films where the secret MI6 agent (007) with a licence to kill is showcased playing. Back to reality, online baccarat is a classy and simple table game to enjoy. That’s because it has easy-to-learn rules and features only three bet options: Player, Banker, and Tie. The game’s objective is to predict which side, player or banker will be dealt a higher hand. In case you think these two sides will receive hands of the same value, you should bet on Tie. The tie bet pays 8:1 and is the highest-paying bet.

Crash games in BACS Direct Debit casinos

This category of games is also known as instant-win or fast games. Crash games rely on pure chance and luck, as with all online casino games. The standout element is that they feature simple graphics, are fast-paced, and offer immersive gameplay. As opposed to other casino games that provide standard payout tables, crash games usually have multipliers, and your payout will depend on the multiplier coefficients you’ve collected during gameplay. These multipliers can go over 1000x, offering players huge winning potentials. However, it’s important to note that these crash games feature a risk-reward system, meaning you can deplete your bankroll quickly. An excellent example of a crash game in online casinos with BACS Direct Debit is Aviator from Spribe.

Live games in BACS Direct Debit casinos

Live casino games are the way to go if you want to compete against a real-life dealer on a blackjack table or watch the croupier spin the roulette wheel. These games offer a real casino-like experience since they’re streamed in real-time and in HD from actual gambling destinations and some from dedicated studios. To enjoy the experience even further, you can chat with dealers or even banter with other online players via the live in-game chat. Notably, these live games are usually compatible with all devices, including mobile, meaning you can play from anywhere. You’ll also find live casino game shows in top BACS Direct Debit casinos besides live blackjack, roulette, and blackjack.


So, why choose BACS Direct Debit when gambling online? The answer lies in the payment method’s widespread use in the UK, making it convenient and easily accessible to players. In addition, the BACS Direct Debit payment system features a robust security framework aimed at protecting customers against security breaches, fraudulent payments, and transaction errors. Moreover, players will incur zero to minimal transaction fees when using BACS Direct Debit, and the fact that it supports large transaction sums in a day are reasons why it’s a fine casino payment method.

Nevertheless, the payment method can’t be without fault. Its transaction times are lengthy, as you must wait three days after depositing to receive funds in your casino account. This BACS Direct Debit casinos review has extensively covered this payment system, explaining how it works, how you can deposit and withdraw, and a list of pros and cons to weigh if it’s an ideal payment option.

BACS Direct Debit casinos FAQ

What is BACS Direct Debit?

It's a payment system used to transfer funds directly from one bank account to another in the UK, according to the customer's Direct Debit instructions.

Do casinos take BACS Direct Debit?

Yes. You'll find a list of casinos on this page that accept BACS Direct Debit.

How fast are BACS Direct Debit transactions?

Not so fast. It takes three days for BACS Direct Debit transactions to be processed.

Can I claim bonuses in BACS Direct Debit casinos?

Absolutely! These casinos usually offer a broad range of bonuses and promotions, from welcome to reload bonuses you can use to play more games.

Is it a safe payment option?

Yes. BACS Direct Debit has various security measures to promote customer safety. These include SSL protocols and Direct Debit Guarantee.

Are there transaction limits?

Yes. However, these limits will depend on your BACS bank. Generally, these limits are high enough to accommodate high rollers.

BACS Direct Debit alternatives