Best MiFinity Online Casinos 2024

Skill and luck are integral in online gambling. However, to get the chance to play for real money, you need a reliable and secure method of managing financial transactions. This is where MiFinity enters the fray. The rising digital wallet solution is quickly becoming popular for online casino players worldwide. But what makes it stand out from other options already in the market? Well, this in-depth review puts this payment option under the magnifying glass to explore MiFinity casinos. We highlight how this payment option facilitates easy, secure, and swift transactions for users from various corners of the globe. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to switch payment methods or a newcomer curious about your options, understanding how MiFinity enhances your online casino experience is essential.

Best MiFinity online casinos

MiFinity facts

✅ Name MiFinity
📊 Category Digital Wallets
🌍 Geo Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Réunion, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay
📅 Established 2002
👨‍💻 Support [email protected], Contact form
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal 1 hour

General information about MiFinity

MiFinity is one of the top global payment providers, offering several cost-effective end-to-end payment solutions. MiFinity UK Limited is the company behind the MiFinity brand. The company has been in operation for 15+ years and boasts regulation and licensing from various entities. They include the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), Union Pay, and the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). 

MiFinity market coverage

As a tailor-made eWallet for iGaming, MiFinity made sure to offer its services in as many countries as possible. By 2024, the company had spread its tentacles to over 225 countries and territories, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. With so many countries under its belt, it’s only fair that the company supports 21 languages. 

Furthermore, the MiFinity eWallet integrates over 75 payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. Some of these options are MasterCard, VISA, GiroPay, cryptocurrencies, and UnionPay.  

With so many countries and territories covered, MiFinity also made sure to accommodate as many currencies as possible. In total, it offers 17 native currencies, including AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, NOK, NZD, PLN, RUB, SEK, ZAR, and USD. MiFinity also accepts a wide array of cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, USDT, USDC, and XRP. 

Creating a MiFinity eWallet account

Before depositing or withdrawing funds using your MiFinity account, you need to set up one. This section takes you through the entire process:

  1. Visit the MiFinity website and click the Sign Up button. 
  2. Fill in your details, including your name and email address, and create a password. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Create Account to proceed. 
  3. You will receive an activation email. Click the link, and you will be redirected to a login page. Use the password and username provided on the sign-up page. 
  4. After logging in, set up your MiFinity eWallet by entering the required details. That includes personal information and preferred currency. 
  5. MiFinity will also send you a verification code to the phone number you provided to activate your eWallet. 

Note that activating your account may take a while. Plus, the activation link may be delayed. This is also true for the eWallet. To complete the verification process, you must prove your address and identity. You will need to provide your driver’s licence, passport, ID card, or other documents requested by the company. The entire process may take up to 48 hours to complete. 

How to deposit to online casinos with MiFinity

Depositing funds at MiFinity casinos online is straightforward, especially if you’ve used other eWallets such as PayPal and Skrill. Of course, the first step is to find an online casino that accepts MiFinity as a payment method. If you don’t know where to start, consider going through our list of top MiFinity online casinos. Afterwards, follow these steps to deposit funds:

  1. Log in to your casino account and navigate to the cashier/deposit/banking page. 
  2. Choose MiFinity as your preferred deposit method and enter the amount you wish to deposit. 
  3. You will be redirected to the MiFinity website, where you must log in using your username and password to authorise the transaction. 
  4. Confirm the transaction and the funds will be available in your online casino account instantly. 
  5. Enjoy your favourite online casino games with the deposited funds. 

How to withdraw from online casinos with MiFinity

Withdrawing your winnings using MiFinity is just as easy as depositing funds. However, it’s important to confirm whether your preferred online casino allows withdrawals using this payment method. If not, you will have to look for alternatives. However, generally, casinos that list MiFinity as a deposit method also list it as a withdrawal option. Follow these steps to complete the cashout process:

  1. Proceed to the payment/cashier section of the online casino.
  2. Choose MiFinity as the preferred withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to cash out and authorise the transaction. 
  4. The casino will process your request, and you will receive your payout. However, it’s worth noting that how fast you’ll receive winnings will depend on the casino’s processing time. Typically, you should have your winnings within 48 hours. 

MiFinity transaction fees and times

Similar to other eWallets, MiFinity charges fees on transactions. However, the fees are reasonable, making it a darling among online casino players. Regarding transaction times, MiFinity offers instant transactions when depositing funds to your online casino account. However, depending on the casino’s policy, withdrawals may take longer.

Topping up a MiFinity account

Note that the fees you’ll incur will depend on the method used to fund your eWallet account and withdraw winnings from it: 

  • If you choose UnionPay, cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, DAI, ETH, LTC, XLM, USDT, USDC, and XRP), MasterCard, or Visa to fund your MiFinity account, you’ll have to part with a 1.8% fee. 
  • Players opting for paysafecard will incur the highest fees at 10%. 
  • Those who use SEPA Bank Transfer have it easy, as it’s free when depositing funds to your MiFinity account. 

Withdrawing from a MiFinity wallet

Transferring funds from your MiFinity eWallet to another payment method also comes with a fee. However, the fee will depend on which option you choose. If you opt for cryptocurrencies, you will incur a 1.8% fee. On the other hand, using VISA Interregional and VISA EEA will cause a €1 fee. You can also use Mastercard EEA and Mastercard Interregional. However, you will pay €1.75 and €2 in fees, respectively. 

Depositing to and withdrawing from MiFinity online casinos

MiFinity also charges fees on deposits to online casinos when you send money to them. The fee depends on various factors, including the amount in question, the currency involved, your country of residence, and the country in which the online casino is registered. 

On the other hand, withdrawing funds to your MiFinity account also comes with attached fees. These fees will depend on the online casino and the amount you wish to withdraw. It’s worth noting that many online gambling sites don’t charge withdrawal fees. However, it’s important to confirm before initiating a withdrawal. Other fees you must keep in mind include the currency conversion fee, which is set at 2.99%. However, the fees may vary for exotic currency pairs. 

MiFinity casinos pros and cons


  • Available at 650+ online casinos and 225+ countries. Players worldwide can use MiFinity to fund their accounts in a flash. 
  • Free virtual IBAN is available for UK and EU customers. It gets even better with the company offering zero fees when you top up your eWallet. 
  • Low fees when depositing and withdrawing funds allow players to enjoy their favourite games for longer. 
  • Safe and secure. Being an eWallet, means you don’t need to share your bank details with your online casino. 
  • MiFinity supports over 17 currencies and 75 payment methods, ensuring players have plenty of options at their convenience. 


  • Withdrawal fees when cashing out funds from your MiFinity account to another payment method. 
  • Low maximum withdrawal limits when using MiFinity are a turn-off for high-rollers. 
  • High exchange rates mean you will lose some money when carrying out transactions that involve currency conversion. 
  • It is not as widely accepted as other payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, or even other e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill. 

Convenience and safety of MiFinity casinos

Convenience is one of the advantages eWallets have over many other payment solutions. MiFinity’s eWallet provides players with this advantage thanks to its impressive reach: it operates in over 225 countries and territories. 

Furthermore, online gamblers can choose from over 20 languages supported on the platform. Another remarkable feature adding to the eWallet’s convenience is the ability for players to create a maximum of 9 native currency eWallets within one account. As such, players can manage their funds and play at various international casino sites without having to worry about currency conversion. 

When it comes to safety, MiFinity is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the Malta Financial Services Authority respectively (MFSA). These entities ensure all online transactions are secure. Furthermore, it’s also certified by Union Pay. 

Besides the security infrastructure set up by MiFinity, the nature of the eWallet allows online gamblers to hide their bank details. 


MiFinity is an excellent solution for online gamblers looking for convenience and safety. With this payment method, players can deposit and withdraw funds at MiFinity online casinos in about 17 currencies. The best part is you can do this in a secure manner, with the company implementing an array of security protocols to keep customers’ data safe. While you will incur fees when depositing funds to your online casino account, the amount is rather minimal. Then there’s the issue of the low maximum withdrawal limits, although this affects players who haven’t completed their verification process. For those looking for a reliable, efficient, and secure way to manage their gaming funds, MiFinity casinos offer a compelling option.

MiFinity casinos FAQ

What is MiFinity?

MiFinity is an innovative payment provider that offers a range of solutions, including eWallets and eVouchers, for online payments, such as online gambling.

Do online casinos take MiFinity?

Yes. According to the MiFinity website, the eWallet is available at over 650 online casinos worldwide. Furthermore, the eWallet is available in 225 countries, supporting 21 languages and 17 native currencies plus cryptocurrencies.

How fast are MiFinity transactions?

Like many other eWallets, online gamblers can look forward to instant transactions. However, this applies to deposits. Withdrawals are instant too, but payment processing varies from one casino to another. Therefore, it’s important to check with your preferred casino for further information.

Can I claim bonuses in MiFinity casinos?

Yes. While it’s rare to find specific MiFinity bonuses, many MiFinity online casinos offer a diverse collection of bonuses and promotions. They include free spins, deposit matches, and cashbacks. Simply find a bonus you wish to claim and follow the instructions to enjoy the deal.

Is it a safe payment option?

MiFinity meets the highest financial industry standards by adhering to PCI DSS Service Level 1 regulations. Furthermore, all transactions are secured and encrypted using SSL technology. To crown it, MiFinity boasts regulation by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Malta Financial Services Authority respectively (MFSA).

Are there MiFinity casino transaction limits?

Yes. MiFinity states that a new account holder will have a limit of 2000 EUR per year. However, this amount can go up after a review. In addition to the limits imposed by MiFinity, casinos that accept MiFinity also set their transaction limits, usually broken down per transaction, per day, per week, and per month.