Best Cashlib Online Casinos 2024

If you've ever considered using vouchers when gambling online, you might want to take a closer look at Cashlib. This prepaid voucher payment system offers plenty of perks ranging from anonymity and security to low fees and instant deposit times when playing at Cashlib casinos. Besides that, you don't need a credit card or a bank account to use Cashlib. Our comprehensive review of the best Cashlib casinos will cover every nook and cranny of the payment method, explaining how it works, fees, transaction times, market coverage, and more.

Best Cashlib online casinos

Cashlib facts

✅ Name Cashlib
📊 Category Vouchers, prepaid, giftcards
🌍 Geo Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom
📅 Established 2015
👨‍💻 Support Contact form
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal no

General information about Cashlib

This voucher-based payment system was established in 2015. It’s owned by Superswipe EMI PLC, which has two E-Money Distributors (EMD) under it: Fenix Technology SA, registered in Paris, France and Prepaid Optimal Solutions SA, registered in Luxembourg. Superswipe EMI PLC is registered in Cyprus and authorised as an Electronic Money Institution by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Cashlib is a prepaid voucher method that allows users to convert tangible cash into digital cash to pay online. You can use this payment method for goods and services, including at new Cashlib casinos. It’s a pretty convenient and secure transaction option since its modus operandi doesn’t require users to possess a bank account or any bank cards, which means your banking information isn’t safe and secure.

Therefore, you’ll not be susceptible to online attacks and credit card scams. Cashlib is prevalent mainly in Europe and provides many locations for buying the Cashlib voucher. You can still purchase the voucher online from online resellers.

With Cashlib, you only need your PIN code on your voucher to play at online casinos that take Cashlib. Although Cashlib is available for deposits in online casinos, it cannot be used for withdrawals. Therefore, you must find a withdrawal alternative in your Cashlin online casino.

How does Cashlib work?

Since it’s a voucher payment system like paysafecard or Neosurf, players must use a 16-digit PIN code to make transactions online with Cashlib. When you buy a Cashlib voucher, your cash is converted into digital money and attached to your unique 16-digit code. You’ll then redeem this code when purchasing goods and services.

In our case, you’ll use this code to make deposits in real-money online casinos that accept Cashlib. Cashlib vouchers are available in value denominations ranging between $5 and $200 per voucher. So, if you need a $50 voucher, you must give the authorised seller $50 in return. If you don’t want to deposit the entire value of your voucher, you can redeem it as many times as you want until you deplete the funds in your voucher.

You can always check the balance of your voucher from Cashlib’s website under the ‘Check My Voucher’ section. Simply enter the required information, like voucher serial number, expiry date, code, etc., in the provided fields to view your balance.

However, it would be best if you did not take too long to use the voucher as it has an expiry date (3 months from the date of purchase), which is usually indicated on your voucher. After this date, players can still get a refund on their vouchers, provided the vouchers have not been used or are invalid and there are funds available after any applicable fees have been deducted.

Buying Cashlib vouchers

You can buy Cashlib vouchers online or offline from authorised vendors. If you go for the latter, the payment system has over 150,000 physical locations, including supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, etc., where you can visit and buy the voucher of your preferred value with cash. If you don’t know the closest Cashlib point of sale, you can use the website’s ‘Where to Buy’ function and enter your location details to reveal the nearest outlets.

If there are no physical Cashlib outlets near you, you can buy vouchers online from authorised resellers like beCHARGE or Dundle. Simply visit the appropriate site and purchase the vouchers of your desired value using your credit/debit cards or any other payment method.

After purchasing, the voucher will be sent to your email address. However, please note that there might be some fees levied by these online resellers, meaning you’ll pay more than the value of the voucher. According to the website’s T&Cs, you can only buy up to eight $150 ($1200 total) vouchers daily.

Cashlib market coverage

As mentioned, Cashlib is prevalent in Europe, meaning that this payment method is unavailable in some jurisdictions. The 150,000 physical Cashlib store locations might also not be available in every country, meaning players from these regions will resort to purchasing their prepaid vouchers online. While the Cashlib market is continuously growing, online gamblers from just over 30 countries can use the company’s services. These regions include:

  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Spain, etc.

This payment service supports EUR, GBP, USD, and many other currencies.

How to deposit to online casinos with Cashlib

If you already have a voucher, your next step is to deposit at an online casino with Cashlib. Below is a detailed process:

  1. The best online casinos accepting Cashlib are listed on this page. Therefore, select one and register for an account by providing data like your country, address, name, email address, currency, DOB, password, username, etc. On some platforms, you may need to verify your email address before you can play your ideal online slots, live games, etc.
  2. Next, sign in to your new Cashlib casino account, navigate to the banking, and hit the ‘Deposit’ button.
  3. Select Cashlib from the provided list of deposit options.
  4. Enter your desired top-up amount based on your voucher value and the casino operator’s conditions regarding minimum and maximum deposit thresholds.
  5. Carefully type in your 16-digit voucher PIN code in the provided field. Remember, you can redeem your voucher partially. Afterwards, click the ‘Deposit’ to confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be added to your player account.

How to withdraw from online casinos with Cashlib

As mentioned above, you cannot request withdrawals via Cashlib. Real-money online casinos that accept Cashlib may offer bank transfers as the immediate alternative, but we recommend, whenever possible, choosing cashout options that offer same-day withdrawal times.

Cashlib transaction times and fees

Top-ups in Cashlib casinos online will appear immediately after making a deposit. As for fees, Cashlib doesn’t charge anything when buying the voucher or depositing at online casinos. However, there is a monthly fee of $5 that is automatically deducted from the balance of your voucher after it has expired. Also, online resellers like Dundle will charge you an extra amount (service fee) when buying Cashlib vouchers online.

Pros and cons


  • It offers privacy and anonymity since players don’t need to enter their card or bank details when depositing in Cashlib casinos.
  • Cashlib deposits are instantaneous.
  • It offers higher limits ($1200) than similar payment options in the casino industry.
  • Cashlib is safe and secure since you don’t share sensitive information online.
  • Players will incur little-to-zero fees with Cashlib.


  • Online purchase of vouchers carries extra costs.
  • This payment option cannot be used for withdrawals.
  • Cashlib is unavailable to many countries outside the EU.

Convenience and safety

Using Cashlib for online gambling is easy and fast. No registration procedures are required, and you don’t need a bank account to start using Cashlib, which is the ideal payment method for players who don’t possess a credit card or bank account and those who are sceptical about sharing their banking information online. 

Players mostly need cash to buy the voucher and start gambling. This voucher system is also safe because players’ personal data isn’t shared online, providing privacy and anonymity. Still, players must keep their vouchers safe and avoid losing them, as this will mean losing their funds.


Cashlib checks all the boxes regarding safety and security, low fees, convenience, and instant deposit times. These attributes make it a suitable casino payment method. However, it also falls short in other respects, like its unavailability for withdrawals, which necessitates searching for payout alternatives. Still, it’s a great payment option in Cashlib casinos, and this review has covered every aspect of Cashlib to help you get started quickly.

Cashlib casinos FAQ

What is Cashlib?

It's a prepaid voucher payment system that allows players to redeem their unique 16-digit PIN code to deposit in Cashlib online casinos.

Do casinos take Cashlib?

Yes. Although Cashlib is only available in select countries, players can find a decent number of Cashlib casinos online.

How fast are Cashlib transactions?

Cashlib doesn't support casino withdrawals but supports deposits, which are processed instantly.

Can I claim bonuses in Cashlib casinos?

Sure. Cashlib deposits are usually eligible for casino bonuses, such as welcome offers, free spins, cashback, VIP rewards, and more.

Is it a safe payment option?

Yes. Cashlib doesn't require your banking details when depositing to online casinos that accept Cashlib, making it a secure option. Since you only need your 16-digit PIN code, Cashlib offers some level of anonymity when gaming online.

Are there Cashlib casino transaction limits?

Yes. Respective Cashlib casinos usually set these limits. Still, you can expect these limits to be in the range of Cashlib's thresholds ($5-$1200).