Best PayID Online Casinos 2024

PayID is an Australian payment processing system linked to a personal email address or phone number. This is a frequently found option in Australian online casinos, and it is often perceived as a sheet anchor for many Aussies because of a quite limited number of banking options in that country. With PayID tied to your banking account, you can easily deposit money to your favourite online casino and withdraw your winnings - all fast, easy, and safe. There are no safety problems when using PayID because the platform relies on the safety measures of your linked bank - if your banking institution takes safeguards against fraud, your PayID transactions stand safe and secure. 

Best PayID online casinos

PayID facts

✅ Name PayID
📊 Category Mobile, Real-time payments
🌍 Geo Australia
💱Currency AUD
📅 Established 2018
👨‍💻 Support Bank-specific
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal Instant

General information about PayID

PayID was developed by the New Payments Platform (NPP) Australia, owned by Australian Payments Plus, the former being the owner of other payment organisations like eftpos and BPAY Group. Working with PayID is simple and intuitive: It allows you to use your electronic mail address or mobile number as a way to send and receive fast payments with online casinos. 

In plain language, PayID is like a middleman between your bank account and a merchant (online casino). It is not an electronic wallet that stores your funds. In cases where you cannot make a Visa or Mastercard transfer to your online casino, you can do the same thing with PayID. 

Real-money PayID casinos are a lifeline for many Australian gamblers. Many payment providers that work flawlessly in other countries cannot conduct business in Australia because of gambling framework restrictions. Aussies visiting AU-targeted websites normally have about five payment options, and not all of them are convenient for them. In this environment, PayID really helps.  

PayID market coverage

PayID works in Australia only. Moreover, only an Australian player may pay through this gateway because PayID is associated with AU bank accounts. Today, most banks, credit unions, and building societies in Australia offer PayID. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bank Australia
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Citi
  • Unibank
  • People’s Choice
  • Heritage Bank
  • Monoova
  • First Option Bank

How to register a PayID account

If you hold an account in any of the banks indicated on the PayID official website (these are most Australian banks), you must register your PayID number in your online banking software (mobile app, a browser app or any other web resource the bank operates in). 

A PayID can only be created with a single account, but one account may have many unique PayIDs attached. This can be useful if you play in different PayID casinos and want to keep track of spending and income on each gambling site separately. Let’s take a look at how to open a PayID account at the three largest Australian banks.

PayID in Commonwealth Bank

To get started with PayID, you need to:

  1. Download the CommBank app if you are an account holder in the Commonwealth Bank.
  2. Tap ‘Profile’ – ‘Manage PayID’ in the top left menu.
  3. Use what type of PayID you want to set up: via mobile or email. The bank will use the details they have on file to complete the setup.
  4. Choose an account you would like to link to the PayID.
  5. Choose your alias others will see. The bank will send you a NetCode to confirm your new PayID details.  

PayID in ANZ Banking Group

You can set up PayID by logging into the Internet Banking page of the ANZ Group and following three easy steps:

  1. Click ‘Profile’ and select ‘PayID’.
  2. You can use either your mobile number or email address.
  3. Follow the prompts to activate your PayID and link it to your active account.

You can also transfer your eligible PayID to ANZ. Contact your current bank to submit a request to transfer the PayID. Then, simply log in to ANZ Internet Banking or the app.

PayID in Westpac  

A Westpac customer may set up a PayID quickly in two ways: in the app and on the Online Banking site. Both options are equally easy. In Online Banking, you must select Service > Services > PayID/Pay to Mobile and then click Register Now. 

The bank extends a security guarantee in case the customer’s account is compromised by an internet fraud. Westpac takes an obligation to repay any missing funds if the customer complies with the bank’s terms and conditions. This provision furthers the allure of this option when playing in real-money PayID casinos.

How to find the best PayID casino

Australia is known to attract hundreds of online casinos from different jurisdictions, and dozens of casinos feature PayID as a payment option. Locating the best site with friendly requirements and terms is tricky unless you are a casino expert. 

If you are a novice, feel free to consult our list of recommended online casinos that we analyse based on several parameters: easiness of signup, the number of bonuses for Aussies, flexible withdrawal terms, fast payouts, and many other parameters. Betting money at top online casinos means you are always safe from fraud and will always get your winnings when you want it.

How to deposit to online casinos with PayID

Sending funds via PayID is simple. If you have ever sent or received money through your bank, you will find the PayID processing flow is as easy as sending money from your debit card. We recommend that you take the following steps in this regard:

  1. Find a reliable online casino that accepts PayID. You can take a pick from our list on this page or search the internet.
  2. Sign up in your selected online casino and go to the Deposits page.
  3. Choose the PayID logo from the list of suggested payment options. Mind that Australian online casinos offer a tight choice of options, so PayID can have no alternatives on the gambling site.
  4. If you are satisfied with the limits established by your online casino, specify your desired transfer amount within these limits.
  5. You will be redirected to your online banking page, where you confirm and complete the transaction.

How to withdraw from online casinos with PayID

Happily, most casinos with PayID deposits enable it as a withdrawal option. Using PayID, you get money back to your bank account. In many other countries, gamblers can use Visa or Mastercard to receive money in their bank accounts. Still, in the Australian financial system, PayID is the best choice, given the gambling-related regulatory barriers. Anyway, below is an approximate guide on how to cash out money from the best PayID casinos:

  1. Make sure you have a sufficient withdrawable balance in your real-money account. Check whether the current bonus has been wagered fully unless you want to forfeit it. 
  2. Open your dashboard and find the Withdrawal section.
  3. Pick the PayID logo.
  4. Type in the desired amount you would like to withdraw. Also, keep in mind the daily and weekly limits imposed by the online casino. If your intended transaction exceeds them, split it into two or more instalments.
  5. Fill in the required details and confirm the transaction.    

For transaction times and associated fees, read the next section.

PayID transaction times and fees

No matter whether you send or receive money, the recipient (you or the online casino) should receive the funds in under a minute if the details are correct. Some payments may be held for additional security checks. If you experience delays, address your bank for more information.

When depositing funds to online casinos with PayID, the fees are dictated by your banking institution to which the PayID is linked. Generally, AU banks charge a 0.5-1.5% commission on this kind of transfer. 

If you want to cash your winnings out of your real-money casino account, you will have to pay about the same fees as for a deposit. However, some gambling venues absorb withdrawal fees, so you will not lose a cent. 

PayID transaction limits with online casinos

Deposit and withdrawal limits are based on the requirements of two entities: Your servicing banking facility and the online casino you are playing in. Deposits to online casinos are usually limited to $10-$5000 per transaction. Note that the said range is approximate and may vary widely. 

The situation is similar for cashouts. Top PayID casinos set various minimum limits: from $10 to $100 and higher – consult the casino’s terms and conditions to find out the exact figures.

PayID casinos pros and cons


  • Almost every Australian has or can have easy access to this payment option.
  • PayID payments generally qualify for casino bonuses.
  • Payments are sent fast, even between different banks.
  • You can move your PayID between different banks and accounts.


  • The option’s safety depends on the bank it is linked to. If the bank’s safety is compromised, your PayID account can also lie open to danger.
  • No anonymity: All your spendings and winnings are known to your servicing bank, as all PayID transactions will go through it.

PayID casino bonuses

When signing up with PayID online casinos, you are allowed to claim any bonus if you are eligible in some aspects: the deposit size and other applicable terms and conditions. Online casinos usually exclude a few electronic wallets from bonuses, e.g. Skrill and Neosurf, but PayID is a 100% fit for any bonus program. So whenever you deposit funds from your Australian account tied to PayID, you usually qualify for match bonuses, free chips, cashback, and other kinds of promotions offered in the best PayID casinos. Just check out all relevant bonus terms to ensure you are eligible for that bonus!


PayID is an online banking solution created by NPP Australia. It serves only customers with an active account in an Australian bank or credit union. PayID casinos online boast fast, secure, and easy payments, often acting as about the only accessible payment option in that country. Gamblers enjoy below-average fees (appr. 1%), realistic deposit limits, and bank-quality security of a transaction flow. You also qualify for different casino bonuses with this payment option, including welcome packages, match bonuses, and free spins. Selecting one of the best real-money casinos will ensure your peace of mind thanks to smooth PayID operation every time you need it. 

PayID casinos FAQ

What is PayID?

PayID is a personal identification system used by Australian banks to facilitate online payments of individuals and organisations within the country.

Do online casinos take PayID?

Many Australian casinos accept PayID. There are also many offshore casinos that offer their services to Aussies, setting up PayID as one of their payment options.

How fast are PayID transactions?

As soon as you confirm the transaction, the recipient will see the funds within a minute. Transaction speeds exclusively depend on the bank that performs a PayID transaction.

Can I claim bonuses in PayID casinos?

Normally, yes. PayID is not included in the list of banned payment options as far as bonuses are concerned.

Is it a safe payment option?

PayID’s safety and security are attributed to specific banks. If the bank where you registered your PayID is safe, all transactions will be reliable, too.

Are there PayID casino transaction limits?

All limits are determined by banks and online casinos. Normally, deposits and withdrawals to/from casinos must be within $10-$5000 per transaction. You should also take into account weekly and monthly limits.

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