Best Redcompra Online Casinos 2024

Some payment options in the iGaming niche serve players worldwide or from many countries, while others are built to cater to a specific jurisdiction or market. One such payment method is Redcompra. In this review of the best Redcompra casinos, we'll explore the card payment method in detail, covering how you can make deposits and its market coverage. In addition, we'll highlight the pros and cons of Redcompra online casinos, transaction times, fees involved, and more. More importantly, players will find a meticulously curated list of the top Redcompra casinos on this page to kick off their journey.

Best Redcompra online casinos

Redcompra facts

✅ Name Redcompra
📊 Category Cards, Digital Wallets
🌍 Geo Chile
💱Currency CLP, USD
📅 Established 1989
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal no

General information about Redcompra

This is not a well-known casino payment method in many parts of the world, but in Latin America, specifically Chile, it’s leading the way. So, what exactly is Redcompra? It’s a debit card payment system that is just like a Mastercard or Visa. Redcompra is run by Transbank S.A, a company formerly known as The Sociedad Interbancaria Administradora de Tarjetas de Crédito. The company was created in 1989 after a group of eight Chilean banks merged.

History of Redcompra

The Redcompra debit card was launched in 2000 alongside Webpay for online transactions. There was an update in the Redcompra transaction structure with the development of Webpay Plus in 2008, which reinforced the authentication and security of online payments.

Other than Webpay Plus, Transbank released several other banking products, including PatPass, Smart PoS, Webpay OneClick, Mobile PoS, and QR Charge. Perhaps the most significant milestone was the technological migration from terminals in 2014, which saw Transbank issue Redcompra cards with EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chips, offering a more secure payment system. The same year saw the implementation of contactless payment services.

How Redcompra works and its features

As mentioned before, Redcompra is a debit card payment system. And like other debit cards you might be familiar with, you don’t need to go through lengthy registration processes to acquire your debit card. Nevertheless, you must have a bank account since the card and your bank must be linked so you can make deposits in online casinos that accept Redcompra. You can easily get a Redcompra debit card by opening an account with banks in Chile.

However, you should note that only banks overseen by the CMF (Commission for Financial Market) are authorised to issue Redcompra debit cards. So, visit the appropriate banks with the necessary documents and open an account. Once opened, your respective bank will give you a secure 4-digit PIN code that you’ll be using to authorise transactions when playing at real-money Redcompra casinos. It’ll take about 10 working days for you to receive the physical Redcompra debit card.

Redcompra and Webpay Plus

We earlier mentioned Webpay Plus, but we didn’t tackle its relationship with the Redcompra debit card and its importance in online transactions. So, Webpay Plus is a payment gateway developed by Transbank to enable online payments with credit, debit, and prepaid cards securely and efficiently. This means that when playing in casinos with Redcompra deposits, you must choose Webpay Plus as your preferred deposit method to complete the transaction.

Think of this payment gateway as the web equivalent of the Redcompra debit card readers used when paying for goods in stores. Players don’t need to register with Webpay Plus. Only merchants (in this case, Redcompra casinos) must register with the company and integrate the service. The Webpay Plus payment gateway is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device, including mobile, and offers high-security standards regarding authentication.

Redcompra Prepago

If you don’t want to use your Redcompra debit card for online gambling, you can opt for Redcompra Prepago. Redcompra Prepago is the prepaid card version of Redcompra. The Redcompra Prepago card has the same mechanism as the debit card, where you load a certain amount of money on these cards, and you can only use the available funds.

The advantage of Redcompra Prepago (prepaid card) is that it’s not linked to your bank account, and you can add funds to the card on an ad hoc basis. This will also assist you to manage your gambling budget more efficiently. More importantly, you don’t need a bank account to use the prepaid card, which makes it a perfect gambling option for unbanked gamblers. You can top up funds to this card using cash, eliminating instances of data sharing with other parties, thus making it a secure way to deposit in some of the best Redcompra casinos.

Redcompra market coverage

Redcompra is run by Transbank, a financial institution famous in Latin American countries. However, since the bank is of Chilean origin and Redcompra is the bank’s proprietary product, its services are only available in Chile. This means that online casinos accepting Redcompra can only allow deposits from players in Chile. 

Of course, since this is a local casino payment system, it goes without saying that Redcompra’s main currency is the Chilean Pesos (CLP). Still, users can pay for online services in USD, but currency conversion fees will apply.

How to deposit to online casinos with Redcompra

If you’ve used any bank card to deposit money into casinos online before, using the Redcompra debit card will be elementary. Still, if you’re new to this, below is a step-by-step guide on how you can add funds to online casinos that accept Redcompra.

Select a Redcompra casino online

This page has some of the top Redcompra casinos online, meaning you’ll save time looking for safe and secure Redcompra casinos by using our recommendations. These gambling platforms have been vetted against strict criteria, including but not limited to licencing, online casino game variety, diverse bonus offers, and fast transaction times for deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, choose your preferred Redcompra casino, create an account, and verify it if needed.

Choose Redcompra as your preferred option

Log in to your casino using your password and username or email address and go to the cashier’s page, or simply click the ‘Deposit’ button from the main page. Now, from the deposit options that appear, select Webpay Plus as your deposit method. You won’t find the Redcompra logo in your Redcompra casino’s list of deposit options since payments via this debit card payment system are made only through the Webpay Plus platform. So, after clicking on the Webpay Plus logo, select Redcompra as your preferred payment system.

Enter your preferred deposit amount

In the relevant field, type in the amount you wish to deposit. The best Redcompra casinos online accept reasonable minimum and maximum deposit limits, but it’s important to check these thresholds on your preferred platform. Please note that, sometimes, if you wish to claim a welcome deposit bonus, you’ll need to deposit a higher amount than the payment method’s minimum limit.

Enter your Redcompra details

Afterwards, you’ll need to type your Redcompra card details into the required fields. These details, like any card payment system, include your card’s expiry date, card number, and the three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) code. Finally, click ‘Deposit’ to complete the payment. Please note that you’ll need your secure 4-digit PIN code to authorise the transaction.

Now, you should wait for the funds to be transferred from your debit card to your Redcompra casino account. This transaction is usually processed immediately, but sometimes, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes for the funds to appear in your casino balance.

How to withdraw from online casinos with Redcompra

It’s a hard truth that, mostly, cashing out your winnings from a casino online can be a hassle due to the many requirements involved. These requirements, which also apply to even the best Redcompra casinos online, include KYC verification upon a withdrawal request, completing turnover requirements if you have an active bonus, requesting withdrawals via the same deposit method, etc.

It’s the last condition that Redcompra users should be concerned about since the payment method isn’t available for withdrawals in online casinos accepting Redcompra. This is because Redcompra only works with the Webpay Plus payment gateway for online transactions, and the platform isn’t designed to accept casino withdrawals. Therefore, players must choose alternative withdrawal methods depending on what their respective real money Redcompra casinos offer. These are the withdrawal alternatives you may use:

  • Bank transfer: In cases where a player’s deposit method isn’t available as a withdrawal option, most online casinos will fall back to bank transfers as the standard alternative. You should note that bank transfer withdrawals can take 1-7 business days to complete.
  • E-wallets: You may opt to use various e-wallets, such as Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Payz, etc. Withdrawals via e-wallets usually reach you within 24 hours after your withdrawal request was processed.
  • Cryptocurrencies: If your Redcompra casino online supports cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc., crypto would be the best withdrawal alternative, as your winnings will reach you within an hour after withdrawal processing.

Redcompra transaction times and fees

Players will enjoy swift deposit times when using the Redcompra debit card, as funds debited from their bank accounts to their casino accounts are processed instantly. That means you don’t have to wait long for your funds to start real money gambling at your preferred Redcompra online casino. The Webpay Plus platform facilitates this prompt deposit time. Since Redcompra doesn’t support cashouts, there’s no data regarding its withdrawal timeframe.

As mentioned before, Redcompra is a proprietary product of Transbank. So, any fees involved are imposed by the bank. The possible costs you can expect are 0.05% to 1.15% exchange fees and membership levy that ranges from 0.02% to 0.045%. Merchants also incur some fees for processing debit card transactions. While this doesn’t affect you directly, a likely implication is that you’ll find online casinos with Redcompra imposing deposit fees. However, typically, most casino operators will not impose any deposit fees.

Redcompra casinos pros and cons


  • Redcompra debit cards are easily accessible since many banks regulated by the CMF in Chile issue them. Also, you get the card automatically after opening a bank account.
  • It’s a safe deposit method, and its security is ensured by the EMV chips and the 4-digit PIN code. This ascertains your online safety from fraud and unauthorised transactions.
  • Redcompra casino deposits are instant.
  • It’s an easy-to-use payment system that doesn’t require any registration processes.
  • Although it’s a local payment method, it supports payments in USD.


  • Redcompra is only present in Chile.
  • Players cannot request withdrawals via Redcompra.

Convenience and safety of Redcompra casinos

Redcompra debit card has become one of the most popular payment systems in Chile. This popularity is attributed to the system’s ease of use and convenience. Players can quickly open a bank account and get the Redcompra debit card, which allows them to deposit funds in their ideal Redcompra casinos or pay for goods easily. In addition, this payment system is reliable and secure, thanks to various safety measures installed to protect players. 

For starters, the Webpay Plus gateway provides extra security when transacting online. The EMV chip and the PIN code further bolster security. Additional measures like locking your card when it’s lost are in place to protect your funds. With Transbank being supervised by the CMF and the Financial Market Commission, players can be confident that Redcompra is trustworthy and safe.


With Redcompra, Chilean gamblers have a splendid casino payment system that not only offers instant deposit times but is also reliable and convenient. Players only need a bank account to get this debit card and start enjoying its services once their bank accounts are funded. Since deposits to Redcompra Casinos are completed through Webpay Plus, players enjoy bolstered security and safety when gambling online. This Redcompra casino review has explained how players can use the payment method and fees involved. Furthermore, players can use the pros and cons list to judge if Redcompra is a perfect fit for their gambling needs.

Redcompra casinos FAQ

What is Redcompra?

It's a debit card payment system run by Transbank. It enables gamblers to make instant casino deposits but doesn't support withdrawals. Players can also use the prepaid card system, Redcompra Prepago, for gambling.

Do online casinos take Redcompra?

Yes. Since this payment system is available only in Chile and considering its popularity, players will find many online casinos accepting Redcompra in the region. We've also provided a top list of casinos with Redcompra on this page.

How fast are Redcompra transactions?

Redcompra casino deposits are fast. Simply put, the funds will hit your casino account as soon as the payment is authorised.

Can I claim bonuses in Redcompra casinos?

Absolutely! As long as you've met the deposit requirements in your real money Redcompra casino, you qualify to receive various bonuses such as free spins, reload bonuses, cashback, welcome bonuses, and more.

Is it a safe payment option?

Yes. The parent company has put in place strict security measures to ensure the safety of Redcompra transactions online and offline. These measures range from a secure code to extra protection provided by the Webpay Plus platform.

Are there Redcompra casino transaction limits?

Yes. You'll find varying minimum and maximum limits across Redcompra casinos online when depositing using the Redcompra debit card.

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