Best Dankort Online Casinos 2024

Sometimes keeping payments simple with tried and tested banking options like bank cards is the ultimate power move. In Denmark, the perfect example is Dankort, a national debit card solution. It functions just like a Visa debit card. For Danish players, this payment solution offers instant deposits, relatively swift withdrawals, and a payment flow safeguarded by cutting-edge encryption protocols. Top Dankort casinos integrate the payment service seamlessly to provide a frictionless funding experience tailored to the modern digital lifestyle. Besides listing top gambling sites with the payment method, this review explains how it works.

Best Dankort online casinos

Dankort facts

✅ Name Dankort
📊 Category Cards
🌍 Geo Denmark
💱Currency DKK
📅 Established 1983
👨‍💻 Support Card-issuing bank
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal Instant

General information about Dankort

To give Danish people a better alternative to foreign cards, cheques and cash, Dankort released its first debit card back in 1983. Fast forward to 2015, and the payment service flexed even harder by unleashing contactless capabilities. This made transactions faster and more secure. Danish users embraced this tap-and-go lifestyle quickly, now rocking over 80% of Dankort transactions.

But innovation didn’t stop there. They levelled up with hybrid cards sporting both chips and magnetic strips. This made card cloning virtually impossible. They later went global by integrating with international heavyweights like Visa and Mastercard. In the online gambling world, 2022 brought a new dawn for the payment method users. Many Dankort casinos online made payments added Apple Pay compatibility, letting iPhone and Apple Watch users leave the physical plastic at home.

This payment card is deeply rooted in Denmark’s financial landscape and embraces cutting-edge fintech energy. With the contactless payments option, fraudsters are kept at bay. Combine that with Dankort casinos’ relentless commitment to security and user-friendliness, and you have a great payment method for use in casinos. With this card integration, operators can prioritise securing the whole financial flow, so you can focus on chasing those casino thrills without sweating the payment details. For Danish players, these online casinos stand tall as the ultimate choice. 

Dankort market coverage

When it comes to digital payment solutions in Denmark, Dankort reigns supreme. This payment solution processes the largest number of card payments in the country. That explains why it’s the go-to choice for top Dankort casinos and players.

While you must be in Denmark to get this card, don’t think Dankort’s preference stops at the Danish border. By partnering with international debit card companies, this payment option has expanded its reach worldwide. You can use your Dankort in any casino that takes Visa or Mastercard. Danish players can play at real-money online casinos that accept Dankort across gambling hotspots like Australia, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand. All transfers are processed in Danish Kroner (DKK). So, if you’re using foreign currency in your bank account, the cash is converted to DKK.

How to deposit to online casinos with Dankort

Here’s how to load cash into your Dankort casino account:

  1. Pick your preferred Dankort casino from the list on this site, sign up and go to the cashier section.
  2. Select Dankort as your payment option and provide your deposit amount. Make sure you stay within the operator’s minimum and maximum deposit requirements.
  3. Once you hit the ‘proceed’ button, you’ll be redirected to Dankort’s secure website. 
  4. Here, you need to verify the transaction either via email or SMS. Pick your favourite option.
  5. If you choose SMS or email, provide the verification code they send to your phone or email.
  6. Sit tight for a few seconds while Dankort works its magic. Before you know it, the money will be locked and loaded into your casino account.

How to withdraw from online casinos with Dankort

When it’s cashout time, Dankort online casinos will send the winnings back to your bank account. Here’s the process to follow:

  1. On your casino account, select Dankort as your withdrawal method.
  2. Fill in the cashout amount, making sure your balance is withdrawable.
  3. Double-check the details and initiate the transfer. 
  4. Now sit tight while the casino approves the transfer and Dankort works its magic.

Keep an eye out for the notification from Dankort. They’ll send an SMS or email once the money lands. The message will have the casino’s name, cash amount, and date.

Dankort transaction times and fees

Transaction time is of the essence when gambling online. Also, exorbitant transaction fees can eat into your winnings. This is why going for gambling sites that offer swift payments and reasonable fees is imperative. Most online casinos accepting Dankort have no deposit or withdrawal charges. For the latter, the operator absorbs the cost. Nonetheless, some brands direct the costs to you as the player.

Moving on to the card itself, there are transaction fees, but these are regulated by the government. This makes it cheaper compared to other options of its kind, such as Visa and Mastercard. There are minor admin fees, too, for card purchases or larger transactions. These charges stay transparent and minimal. However, online casinos with Dankort might face integration fees from the provider, which they could potentially pass down to players. Always peep the fine print before signing up.

Transaction times and limits

Payments in Dankort casinos online are not the fastest but are not too slow to cause any inconveniences. generally fast. Deposits are instant, but withdrawals take a beat longer. Casinos typically need 24 hours or more to verify cashouts. So, expect your cash to land in 2-3 days, depending on the site’s pending period. As for spending limits, spend as much as your account can handle. Dankort puts no caps. However, if you leverage the Visa side of the card, the limit is capped at DKK 25,000 over 30 days, locally or internationally.

Pros and cons 

Let’s break down the highs and lows of Dankort at online casinos:


  • Security: With the Dankort chip solution, forget about counterfeits. Together with contactless payments and payment approval by SMS, this cements the payment option’s status as safe and secure.
  • Convenience: Dankort has no transaction limits and cards are never blocked unless by request. 
  • Lower fees: Transaction fees are overseen by the Danish government, so no exploitation.
  • Global reach potential: While rooted in Denmark, Dankort’s integrations with Visa and Mastercard allow you to use your card worldwide.
  • Local currency: Transact in DKK and dodge any currency conversion fees.


  • Language limitation: Most Dankort casinos are only in Danish and English, potentially leaving some international players who want to play at Dankort’s online casinos in the dark.
  • Steeper fees for international players: Players outside Denmark are charged higher fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Convenience and safety

Dankort’s Visa/Mastercard acceptance and local currency transactions keep your whole gambling flow frictionless and delay-free. Casino deposits are instant, while withdrawals remain streamlined, although they take some time. There’s no card blocking or transaction limits by the payment method. That’s convenient.

On the safety front, Dankort isn’t playing around. Their chip technology has shut down counterfeit attempts completely, while contactless payments make PIN skimming a thing of the past. For online payments, Dankort Secured by Nets locks down your transactions with military-grade encryption. Plus, the one-time SMS verification adds an extra layer of protection against fraud.


Dankort brings absolute convenience and reliability to the online casino game, boasting instant deposits, local currency for Danish players, and top security. It’s not just good for players, but also casino operators. Unlike international cards like Visa, it’s cheaper for the company when you pay via Dankort. That means fewer fees on you, the user. Remember, this payment method’s fees are regulated by law, so no overcharging. However, language limitations might trip some players since it’s only available in English and Dansk. Still, the payment method remains the go-to choice for Danish players who prefer card payments.

Dankort casinos FAQ

What is Dankort?

It’s a Danish debit card scheme that has been serving the country since 1983. On fees, it’s cheaper than global options like Visa. However, its coverage is not as big as Visa’s.

Do casinos take Dankort?

Yes, many online casinos in Denmark accept Dankort. When you're ready to play, look for the Dankort, Visa or Mastercard logo. Alternatively, choose any of the brands recommended on this page. They all accept card payments.

How fast are Dankort transactions?

Deposits hit your Dankort online casino account instantly. Withdrawals might take 2-3 days, depending on the casino’s payment policies.

Can I claim bonuses in Dankort casinos?

Dankort casinos serve up all kinds of bonuses, just like other gambling platforms. Your Dankort deposits usually qualify for the promos they're slinging, from welcome packages to free spins and anything in between. However, always read the terms first since there may be some exceptions.

Is it a safe payment option?

Dankort's security game is tight. They use chip tech that's shut down fraud completely, plus that is Secured by Nets system for online transactions. With SMS verification for all transactions, your whole financial flow is safe.

Are there Dankort casino transaction limits?

About Dankort, it depends on the type of card you rock. The standard one has no cap if you've got the funds. On the other hand, Visa/Dankort limits you at DKK 25,000 monthly. Casinos might set their own limits, too, so always check before making any moves.