Best EasyEFT Online Casinos 2024

Even for experienced players, picking the ideal online casino payment method from the ocean of options can be an uphill task. But if you have a bank account in South Africa, breathe easy as EasyEFT ensures online casino payments are safe, fast, and headache-free through local bank transfers. By streamlining connections with major financial institutions across South Africa, this payment method provides a secure bridge to deposit and withdraw ZAR  to and from leading gambling sites. Consider EasyEFT as a conduit for shuffling cash from your bank account into gambling sites to unlock bonuses or withdraw wins seamlessly.

Best EasyEFT online casinos

EasyEFT facts

✅ Name EasyEFT
📊 Category Online banking
🌍 Geo South Africa
💱Currency ZAR
➡️ Deposit yes
⏱️ Time to deposit Instant
⬅️ Withdrawal yes
⏳ Time to withdrawal Instant

Through this EasyEFT casino review, you will have all the info required to harness EasyEFT for smooth gaming transactions. This comprehensive write-up will guide you through quick account creation, linking your bank account, making fast deposits, low-fee payouts, limits and hand-picked gaming platforms accepting this trusted intermediary. So, read on as we break down everything about the payment gateway and the best online casinos accepting EasyEFT.

General information about EasyEFT

EasyEFT is a South African payment processing solution. Since kicking off in 2013, it has become the go-to deposit method for countless SA gamblers playing at online casinos. This specialist electronic funds transfer platform lets local players seamlessly deposit and withdraw ZAR while securing their financial information.

Run by domestic fintech outfit Navisiontech Inc., EasyEFT offers an affordable way to transfer money between personal South African bank accounts and casino balances. It eliminates the security fears and conversion fees of foreign payment options not tailored to the locals.

Essentially, EasyEFT acts as the middleman, facilitating super smooth electronic fund transfers through the local banking framework players already trust. This gives South Africans a convenient way to access internet gambling with total confidence in the financial channels they know.

Key features of EasyEFT

The main features making EasyEFT the payment method of choice for SA players include:

  • Quick registration: Players can quickly create an EasyEFT account by providing some basic personal details. No lengthy verification delays before securely moving money in minutes.
  • Stores cards: The EasyEFT system features encrypted user profiles that safely store players’ banking info for quick access when transferring funds. There’s no need to re-enter card details every time.
  • Unlimited payments: Gamblers can deposit and withdraw unlimited amounts up to thresholds set by their bank or EasyEFT casinos online. EasyEFT itself does not enforce any annoying caps on transactions.
  • User-friendly: The slick EasyEFT platform presents a clean interface focused on initiating and confirming payments through clear calls-to-action and confirmation messages players understand.
  • Email login details: For extra security, EasyEFT emails one-time login details to access your secure profile when users opt for enhanced account protection with prompts.
  • Low fees: EasyEFT does not charge any fees, but minor charges from local banks may occasionally apply. Nonetheless, these are way lower than those charged in foreign payment options.
  • Local security features: EasyEFT leverages South African banks’ latest SSL encryption alongside two-step authentication for air-tight protection of payments and personal info.
  • No currency conversion: By only supporting the South African Rand (ZAR), EasyEFT saves local players costly exchange fees on every deposit or withdrawal.
  • Wide adoption: Many top South African online casinos now accept this trusted, convenient local electronic funds transfer solution.

In summary, EasyEFT offers the best mix of security, accessibility, and convenience to fund real play for South African players thanks to tight integration with domestic banking partners.

EasyEFT online casino geo coverage

EasyEFT is currently only available in South Africa for people using the South African Rand (ZAR). However, since it launched in 2013, the payment method has rapidly expanded its local banking partnerships.

Leading banks like ABSA, Capitec, FNB, Nedbank, Investec, and Standard Bank now support EasyEFT transactions from their South African customers. These major institutions represent over 60% of the retail banking market share. Together with other smaller banks coming on board, EasyEFT taps into an extensive network to enable smooth, secure transactions.

For now, ZAR is the sole currency supported by EasyEFT and its online casinos. But with more gambling sites adding EasyEFT and new banking partners in South Africa joining all the time, further expansion could be on the horizon.

EasyEFT was founded to serve South African players specifically. While availability abroad may materialise down the road, the focus remains catering to local gamblers with its ZAR currency and full integration across SA’s biggest banks. Check back for updates on new EasyEFT casinos or supported countries. But for convenient, protected access to real money play now, South African players can rely on EasyEFT.

How to deposit to online casinos with EasyEFT

You don’t need to do much when you’re ready to load your account at one of the top online casinos accepting EasyEFT. The deposit process only takes a few minutes – it’s a simple transfer of money from your bank account to your casino of choice. Just follow these simple steps:

  1.  Create an EasyEFT account: Head to the official EasyEFT website and click signup. Enter your email, create a password, and fill in your personal details. This registers you for an EasyEFT account that will securely broker money transfers between your bank and the online casino.
  2.  Choose an online casino with EasyEFT: Browse the list of the best EasyEFT casinos. Once you pick one, log in to your new casino account and visit the cashier or banking section. Verify they accept EasyEFT deposits and withdrawals.
  3. Select deposit: From the banking page, select the deposit button and choose EasyEFT from the list as your preferred payment method. Double-check that you pick EasyEFT rather than regular EFT.
  4. Enter deposit amount: Type in how much South African Rand you want to deposit. Make sure the amount meets any minimum or maximum limits set by the casino.
  5.  Pick your bank: A menu showing all major SA bank logos will appear. Select the bank where your funds will come from to initiate a connection.
  6.  Authorise account linkage: You will temporarily be redirected to your online banking account. Log in and authorise the secure link between this account and your EasyEFT profile.
  7. Submit payment: A random OTP code will be sent for 2-factor authentication. Enter this unique password to verify and confirm the transaction. Once you submit the OTP, the ZAR funds will instantly be credited to your casino account.

Once submitted, the funds will be immediately available in your casino account. The whole process never takes longer than a few minutes. When complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message so you can start playing in real-money EasyEFT casinos online.

Following those simple steps, you can safely load your online casino account using EasyEFT’s secure payment network backed by major local banks. It lets South African players worldwide focus on the fun rather than the banking hassles.

How to withdraw from online casinos with EasyEFT

When you’re ready to cash out your big wins from South African online casinos using EasyEFT, the process is seamless and hassle-free. Once you pick an EasyEFT fast withdrawal casino,  follow similar simple steps to depositing:

  1. Visit Cashier: Head to the banking page and select ‘Withdrawals.’ Pick EasyEFT as your payout option, provided the casino supports EasyEFT cashouts.
  2. Enter the withdrawal amount: Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Make sure it does not exceed any limits imposed by the casino.
  3. Choose bank: Pick which major South African bank you want to withdraw to by inputting your online banking logins when prompted.
  4. Confirm withdrawal: Carefully verify all details before confirming the cashout request.

You’ll receive confirmation when the transaction is processed. However, EasyEFT withdrawal times are longer than deposit times. You may have to wait for days before winnings hit your bank account. Also, some online casinos that take EasyEFT only permit deposits, not withdrawals. The fastest EasyEFT withdrawal casino cashouts still need several days for security checks. Generally, just budget extra processing time before your money arrives from your chosen top EasyEFT casinos online.

EasyEFT casino transaction fees

When reviewing the virtues of the top EasyEFT online casinos, one standout benefit is the lack of fees for players and expedited transaction processing times.

As far as the cost of using EasyEFT is concerned, you do not have anything to worry about. Unlike many other payment solutions currently available on the Internet, EasyEFT does not charge you a penny. The service is free of charge on the users’ end, which is one of its greatest perks. The payment method typically charges the stores and merchants—online casinos, in this case—for the cost of the transaction.

As such, you will not need to worry about deposit fees or commissions. Granted, your bank may still charge you, but that has nothing to do with EasyEFT. In terms of cost, this service is one of the most efficient out there, and you should seriously consider this when selecting the best EasyEFT casinos.

EasyEFT casino transaction times

When it comes to transaction times, EasyEFT provides instant transfers. However, since it works as an intermediary between banks and online casinos, the time it takes for a transaction to be complete will depend on the latter.

Deposits can be instant if the banks process payments instantly. As for withdrawals from the top online casinos with EasyEFT, it will take the processing time of a standard bank transfer, which can take up to several business days.

Of course, the casino will likely take a day or two to review the transaction, and only then will the operator send the cash through to the banking network. So, while deposits are snappy, withdrawals require more patience. Factor this into account when choosing the best casinos with EasyEFT.

EasyEFT casinos pros and cons

While EasyEFT makes depositing and withdrawing smooth and secure, it has a few limitations. This section examines the main advantages and disadvantages of playing in real money EasyEFT casinos.


EasyEFT withdrawals and deposits are instant: You can move funds between your bank and casino account without delays using EasyEFT.
Completely free of charge: EasyEFT does not charge users any fees to deposit or withdraw funds from online casinos.
Easy to use: The EasyEFT platform is simple to navigate with a straightforward UI requiring only basic personal details to set up payments.
Privacy of banking information: Your sensitive financial data stays protected on EasyEFT secure servers away from the casinos.
No transaction limits: You can transfer unlimited funds subject to caps imposed by your bank and the casino.


Only available in South Africa: EasyEFT exclusively serves South African players depositing ZAR at this stage.
Not many online casinos support this service yet: The choice of EasyEFT casinos is still quite limited but expanding.
Not usually available for withdrawals: Some casinos accept EasyEFT deposits but do not support cashing out winnings using the payment method.
Only acts as an intermediary: Since EasyEFT relies on banks, any issues with the bank will affect this payment solution.
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Convenience and safety of EasyEFT casinos

When selecting the best EasyEFT casinos online for real money play, two paramount considerations are convenience and safety. Luckily, the banking option excels in swift, private transactions and robust security protocols protecting your personal and financial data.

EasyEFT knocks it out of the park here with lightning-fast, confidential transactions thanks to linking up with local banking partners you already use and trust. By joining forces with all the major SA banks like FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank, EasyEFT lets South Africans transfer ZAR funds to and from casino accounts as easily as regular online banking. The instant transfers make depositing and withdrawing smooth sailing while eliminating the need to share your sensitive info with the casino directly.

Safety and security of EasyEFT casinos

EasyEFT also adds an extra buffer between players and gambling sites for watertight safety. Your login credentials and banking details stay encrypted on EasyEFT’s secure servers rather than being held by the online casinos themselves. So you remain anonymous while keeping your financial info away from gambling operators.

Moreover, EasyEFT utilises the latest SSL technology to secure all transactions—the same grade of encryption used by leading SA banks. EasyEFT also requires unique one-time passwords sent to your mobile for two-factor authentication when moving funds. So even if someone got your login details, they couldn’t transfer your hard-earned cash without access to your phone.

Furthermore, all the top South African banks backing EasyEFT have advanced cybersecurity and fraud detection departments monitoring suspicious activity 24/7. So, between EasyEFT’s stringent protocols and integration with banks boasting fortress-grade defences, you can play at both established and new EasyEFT casinos, knowing your identity and money are adequately protected.


For South African players seeking an optimal payment method to fund their online casino play, EasyEFT ticks all the boxes. Its embedded nature across the SA banking infrastructure allows effortless deposits and withdrawals without exposing financial data. Beefy security protocols add an extra safeguard, from 128-bit SSL encryption to fraud monitoring by major banks.

With instant transfers in and out, unlimited payments based on banking thresholds only, and a complete lack of fees, EasyEFT delivers optimal convenience, too. There is no need to worry about exchange rates, thanks to exclusive ZAR support. However, EasyEFT relies on local banks, so any issues on their end can cause delays. And withdrawal times at EasyEFT casinos remain inconsistent. Still, for players seeking the easiest way to transfer funds swiftly and securely to and from online casino accounts, EasyEFT casinos tick almost every box. Just top up or cash out winnings via the payment method for smooth and hassle-free transactions.

EasyEFT casinos FAQ

What is EasyEFT?

EasyEFT is an electronic funds transfer intermediary that lets players seamlessly deposit or cash out winnings from online casinos through direct linkage with major local SA banks. It is a secure conduit to move money between bank accounts and casino balances rapidly.

Do casinos take EasyEFT?

While most leading online casinos still centre on card and e-wallet support, an increasing number of those catering to South Africans now accept EasyEFT. This enables convenient, fee-free deposits and withdrawals for local players by tapping into trusted banking infrastructure. Check the recommendations on this site for the top real-money EasyEFT casinos.

How fast are EasyEFT transactions?

Thanks to instant bank connections, EasyEFT delivers real-time deposits. So, funds hit your casino account within minutes. However, withdrawals via EasyEFT rely on standard bank clearing times. So, wait up to 5 days—depending on volumes and security checks—before winnings reach your bank balance.

Can I claim bonuses in EasyEFT casinos?

Absolutely! Most quality online casinos accepting EasyEFT offer generous welcome bonuses like free spins and 100% deposit matches. Just read the fine print on eligible payment methods before claiming casino rewards.

Is it a safe payment option?

With robust security protocols like SSL encryption for all transactions, zero access to banking details or personal info for casinos, plus OTP and fraud monitoring from SA banks, EasyEFT offers ironclad protection. It is one of the safest deposit options for privacy-centric local players.

Are there EasyEFT casino transaction limits?

The EasyEFT platform itself does not impose any deposit or withdrawal restrictions. However, supporting SA banks and individual casinos may set their thresholds for payments in and out of gambling sites. So check policies carefully first, especially around cashing out significant wins.

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